Inner Voice

Yes, many people do in my life seen this, but few know how to use and, moreover, to listen to their inner voice. But this is not the skills, this man was born … But people are not accustomed to take everything on faith. He needed proof. A man needs a logical explanation of a fact, because he wants to explain it logically, and, as he seems reasonable. Yes, but here's the trick: once a person starts trying to explain something that is outside the realm of reason, he comes to a standstill.

It is the mind and pushes people into a corner at Finding answers to questions of this kind. You're not trying to open a tin can with a wrench? So the mind can not find an explanation for what is beyond the scope of its competence. But this man is justified – if something can not be explained, so it does not exist … many really difficult to understand, and most importantly, take some things, but after some setbacks and troubles that we have experienced, often laments: "That's not listening to their I Inner Voice, "" I felt the same way that you should not do this "and stuff like that. Agree how often we use the word soul, not believing what she is. But this soul is everywhere we meet the terms. Animate object, Encouraged, I'm with you in body and soul … Yes, many can not take something that has no explanation. But we try to understand.

Michael Afanasyevich

Killing Rasputin was held in the specified period, with predicted cruelty. Mikhail Bulgakov – a prophet of God, their fate Michael Afanasyevich also knew in advance. He died in 1940 in Moscow after a long illness, but it is always easy to tell how he will die. Man-Wolf Phenomenon Messing has lived an amazing life with a unique gift, he managed to survive the incredible conditions, passing through a German guard to stay alive, survive Stalin, Khrushchev. Total Messing was made about 5000 prophecy by 80% they were fulfilled.

But he was unable to prevent the death of his beloved wife, the date of his smetrti he knew for sure. Did not escape his fate, and the Emperor Paul I, by prophecy, a monk of Abel: 'Short be your kingdom, and I, a sinner, I see your bitter end. Primesh martyrdom – in the bedchamber of his strangled going. After the murder of thy declare you insane, but people of the Russian bear their sorrow to thy shrine, asking for your intercession. " Through Several hours later he was strangled by a group of conspirators. 100 years after the death of Paul I, Nicholas II, arrived in the Gatchina Palace, where he kept the prophecy of Abel.

After reading them, he said: 'Every so true in exactly the fate of my ancestors, then so is my destiny, which is God's will ', and then added:' This is my cross. " This all happens to us every day, every minute, every moment. We control your body and your thoughts but do not vlavstvuem over their destiny. It would seem that everything is simple if you know exactly what's wrong can happen, it can be avoided, all in your hands. But no, whose unseen hand that off your mind and lead you in the right place at the right time. And again, the familiar feeling that all it was happening, felt, lived …. And what does that leave us, perhaps the only – you need to live as if everything depends on God and at the same time, as if everything depends on you.

The History Of The Midsummer Festival And Its Traditions

Midsummer holiday. Just this festive day is known as Midsummer's Day. From time immemorial, this popular pagan holiday celebrated throughout the ancient Rus' (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), as well as in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Midsummer is the night of the summer solstice – June 24. Of particular importance is Midsummer in Latvia. In Latvia, this festival is very popular now. This pagan holiday even more popular than Christmas. Midsummer is here its name and it's called 'John's Day' or 'Summer Solstice'.

'John's Day' – a public holiday – June 23-24, the whole country on weekends. 'John's Day' residents in the old tradition of celebrating in the countryside – all night until dawn lit bonfires and inhabited dances. Name of festival obtained by combining pre-Christian Slavic festival dedicated to the god Kupala (Kupala – Slavic god of agriculture) and the day of John the Baptist (John = John). In ancient times, people believed that on the night of Ivan Kupala all kinds of evil to get maximum power, and arranged his black bacchanalian feast. It was believed that on this night, the devil could steal the reason sleep and take possession of his body. On this night, It was impossible to find a sleeper – the organization of holidays affected the whole village! But even sober, and many wore amulets – loyal defenders of evil spirits. Just the night of Ivana Kupala categorically forbidden to bathe, since has acquired the maximum power, tried to drown Water anyone who dared enter his kingdom.

In a festive night of fires kindled a lot, around which there were dances and sang songs, and the most courageous young men and Girls jump over them. Signs saying that prygnuvshy over the fire above all, the whole year will be more successful buduyuschy others. However, the main force of fire that night was in the purification of the disease, and spells. Seriously ill people are thrown into fire your clothes, since clothes were burned all their ailments and afflictions. Sometimes, when the peasants were driven their animals through the fires of assuming that the fire defender of animals against plague. Very popular was the game 'burner', which 'deals of love 'boys were caught playing girls. The reverse side of the night – Midsummer day was the cult of light. People believed that on this day all life has healing properties: water brush away from spells, charged the sun of the divine energy, heal bruises fast grass and cuts. Particularly medicinal herbs were considered, which were collected early in the morning, as they are soaked with dew Ivanova. These herbs are used for the love spell, they fought with iniquity; fumigated with patients to banish illness. Utmost importance on the night of Ivan Kupala's got a fern. It was believed that on this night fern blooms for a few moments. With this flower in his hand could be seen any treasure matter how deep he was buried. Midsummer to old Russia – the most revered holiday, it participated the whole population. Almost all actively participated in the rites and traditions of this holiday.